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About Us

About WeWash24 Laundry And Dry Cleaning Services

Launched in 2019 by founder Keon White, We Wash 24 was born from the idea of developing an organized laundry market-place, where people, through a simple click, can choose their required laundry service from a concise pre-selected list.

Inspired by growing e-commerce business in San Francisco, and the lack of technology within the laundry industry, Keon grabbed the opportunity of combining both initiatives to develop a highly functional App that would translate a traditional industry from offline to online.

About WeWash24 Laundry and Dry Cleaning with Pickup and Delivery Service

As We Wash 24 was created, a few principals were kept in mind:

  1. Create an exceptional laundry service that gives people their time back to do other, more enjoyable things.
  2. Make our laundry service simple and convenient for our customers to use.
  3. Ensure our laundry service is customizable and treat every customer’s laundry as they would treat theirs.
  4. Make sure our laundry service is consistent so our customers enjoy predictable results.

We Wash 24 strives to ensure these principals are met every day. Our laundry service is one customers can trust. We Wash 24 strives to provide a comprehensive laundry service at a great value with outstanding customer service.

We welcome feedback from our customers and try to implement improvements from that feedback; if you have a suggestion, please let us know.