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We Wash 24 offers laundry pickup and delivery service in Oakland, CA. Order your laundry to be picked up, washed, folded, and returned within 24 hours by our network of providers for laundry service in Oakland, CA.

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Choose from our network of providers for personal and commercial laundry service in Oakland, CA. Our partners provide the best wash and fold laundry in Oakland, CA. Schedule a time for laundry pickup & delivery in Oakland, CA and have your clean laundry delivered in no time from the best laundry delivery service in Oakland, CA!

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24 Hour Fast Service

Choose from a 24 hour time window and get your order for wash and fold laundry picked up and dropped-off the next day from the best laundry delivery service in Oakland, CA.

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Manage your We Wash 24 account and billing option from your smartphone or computer. When you place your order for wash and fold laundry service in Oakland, CA on our website, you will be able to edit the order after you submit.

Amazing Customer Service

Our laundry pickup and delivery laundry service in Oakland, CA is superior. Any questions or concerns are always answered on time by our team. We pride ourselves on being the best laundry delivery service in Oakland, CA!

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We are one of the only wash and fold laundry service in Oakland, CA offering to laundry pickup and delivery in Oakland, CA. We work with the best laundromats so that we can provide you the best laundry delivery service in Oakland, CA!

Your Laundry Pickup and Delivery in Oakland is Just a Tap Away

Your time is so precious, and it should not be wasted on washing and folding laundry. Do what you love and leave your dry cleaning and laundry needs to us. We Wash 24 provides a convenient App to manage all your dry cleaning, wash and fold, laundry pickup, and delivery with just one tap in Oakland, CA!

Select from our wash and fold & dry cleaning services. Then schedule a pickup and delivery time that is convenient for you. Enjoy our same-day pickup and next-day delivery laundry service near you. Pay online in seconds on our secure online payment platform via Stripe.  When your order is scheduled and completed, you will receive an email and text message notifying you of your laundry service order status. You will also be able to track your delivery driver’s location in real time. We Wash 24 offers the best wash and fold & dry cleaning service price rates in all of Oakland, CA. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your laundry service order for wash and fold or dry cleaning, feel free to contact us anytime via phone, email, or message us through our chat support box. So no need to rush home from a night out at Lake Merritt to do your laundry, We Wash 24 has got that covered! 

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What are the Benefits of Wash and Fold?

There are many benefits to utilizing We Wash 24 Laundry Service’s wash and fold service in Oakland, CA. To begin, utilizing a one-time or monthly wash and fold laundry service may be a very convenient way to ensure that your linens and clothes are properly cleaned. You may pick up and drop off your clothes whenever it is convenient for you, and you won’t have to waste time washing, drying, or folding them.

Furthermore, wash and fold laundry may save money, especially if you do your laundry often at a laundromat. Wash and fold services charge by the pound, not by the garment, and you’d be surprised how much laundry fits inside specific weight limits. We charge you once your items have been washed with We Wash 24 Laundry Service. It’s common for your clothing to weigh less after they’ve been washed.

Finally, a wash and fold laundry service provides professional cleaning results that are difficult to match at home. Our garment specialists have spent years honing their skills to ensure that every item of clothing you bring into our stores is clean and fresh. Furthermore, we use cutting-edge technology to guarantee that your apparel looks as good as new. 

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We Wash 24 is a wash and fold laundry service in Oakland, California. We are Oakland, CA’s only wash and fold laundry service that offers free pickup and delivery to all of our customers. Our professional service will provide you with peace of mind, enabling you to concentrate on more important things while we handle your laundry. We Wash 24’s laundry pickup and delivery service is a convenience you won’t want to pass up, particularly with everything that Oakland, CA has to offer. Allow our service to assist you with everything that isn’t related to laundry. While you enjoy life or attend to more important matters in our beautiful neighborhood, your laundry will be done just how you like it. To begin, use our straightforward website to make your order for wash and fold laundry service in Oakland, CA from your computer, mobile device, or tablet. When you purchase our wash and fold laundry service on our website, you will add items to your shopping cart and choose a pick-up and delivery time. After you have finished your wash and fold laundry service order on our website, you will get confirmation by email or text message, depending on your communication preferences. You will get an email or text message notification about thirty minutes or less before a We Wash 24 driver arrives at your Oakland, CA location for either pick up or delivery. What precisely does this mean? That you don’t have to stand outside your door for three hours waiting for a window to open. As a consequence, you’ll have more time for yourself. After all, isn’t that the point of all of this? Our dry cleaners in Oakland, CA are second to none. Our drivers will pick up or deliver directly from you, the customer, or, if available, your doorman. When it comes to washing your laundry, we’ve altered the game. It’s no longer about you standing in front of the washing, swapping loads. It all comes down to being able to make the most of your time. Dropping off your laundry at We Wash 24 ensures that it will be done and folded the next day! Our NEW Wash & Fold Services were designed just for you and your family. Using our NEW Wash & Fold Service couldn’t be easier! Simply bring your clothes to a We Wash 24 facility that participates. We’ll weigh your belongings and charge you a fixed fee per pound, with a minimum of 10 pounds, and you’ll be on your way in no time! Behind the scenes, we’ll wash your clothing using hypoallergenic detergent, dry them, fold them, and carefully store them in our new eco-friendly packaging! If you bring it in by 10 a.m., we’ll have it available for you the next day. Visit any of our locations that provide our NEW Wash & Fold Services to take advantage of the enhanced service that allows us to focus on your laundry and ensure that it is done with the utmost quality and attention to detail. Our NEW Wash & Fold Services are available the following day, providing a simple way to complete the never-ending task. We want you to think of your laundry in the same way that you think of dry cleaning: enlist the help of professionals! Stain removal, water temperatures, and other services are all areas in which we specialize! We can help you keep your clothing and family happy with our NEW Wash & Fold Services!