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If your laundry is piling up, and you’re simply too busy to get the job done, we’re here for you. We Wash 24 is the ultimate wash and fold laundry service. You never have to leave your home—our team comes right to your door for pick-up, and drop-off! We Wash 24 is the NEW way to wash and fold.

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How’s it done?

We’ve got a huge network of vetted and qualified wash and fold laundry services to choose from. Simply select the wash and fold laundry service of your choice, in your city—and schedule a time! We coordinate with our wash and fold laundry service partners and take it from there!

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24 Hour Fast Service

Choose from a 24 hour time window and get your order for wash and fold laundry service picked up and dropped-off the next day from the best laundry delivery service in your city.

Pay Online In Seconds

Manage your We Wash 24 account and billing option from your smartphone or computer. When you place your order for wash and fold laundry on our website, you will be able to edit order after you submit.

Amazing Customer Service

Our laundry pickup and delivery service is superior. Any questions or concerns are always answered on time by our team. We pride ourselves on being the best laundry delivery service in your city!

Quality Guarantee

We are one of the only wash and fold laundry services offering pickup and drop off laundry service. We work with the best laundromats so that we can provide you the best wash and fold laundry service experience.


We Wash 24 serves Cities all across the US. We believe in offering our wash and fold laundry service clients the ultimate in quality and convenience. With a couple clicks, you’ll have your preferred location, pickup and drop off laundry service scheduled and ready to go. Our clients appreciate the care we take with all of our orders—and we appreciate our wash and fold service clients. For ADDED convenience, download our handy APP!

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What are the benefits of a Wash and Fold Laundry Service?

When you have a large number of items to clean and arrange, there are several advantages to employing a Wash and Fold laundry service. These services give you the ease of merely folding and putting away your laundry before leaving for the day. It is not only more convenient, but it also relieves the stress of having to fold and put away a large number of garments each day. Many individuals utilize these services because they are less expensive than employing a separate laundry service, especially if they do not have a large amount of clothing to organize.

These services are usually offered in the local public library or high school, but depending on where you live, you may be able to access them at other locations throughout town. If you prefer to visit the library or school, make sure you ask the librarian which washrooms are available and when they close. You don’t want to wait until the laundry is due before you start folding.

One of the best aspects of hiring a wash and fold laundry service is that you don’t have to deal with all of your stuff first thing in the morning. This gives you more time to do other things or go grab a bite to eat while you’re waiting. Unlike a laundry facility that is continuously full of dirty clothing or machines that need to be repaired, the staff is very friendly and patient with clients. People who have utilized these services have told their friends, family, and coworkers about them. Consider using one of these services if you have a lot of laundry to arrange and don’t want to deal with the effort of folding and putting it away yourself.

How much does Wash and Fold laundry service cost? 

You know how convenient it is to utilize a wash and fold laundry service if you’ve ever used one. This service is available at most laundromats, and it needs you to pack your bag, weigh it, and sign a slip to pick up your clothes in a few days. While the real cost is more than double what you would spend doing your own laundry, you won’t have to wait in a noisy laundry room or struggle through a crowded laundromat to get your clothing washed.

Laundry services can be quite costly, so it’s important to compare pricing carefully. For as little as $5 for three loads of laundry, you can hire a wash and fold service. You will avoid having to do your own laundry or paying a large charge as a result of this. Furthermore, some providers will pick up your filthy clothes for you so you don’t have to.

Using a wash and fold laundry service is considerably less expensive than doing it yourself. There will be no need to do laundry or pay for a laundromat membership. You can save time and money by using a wash and fold laundry service. Plus, they’ll fold your clothes for you. A wash and fold service can save you time and energy whether you need a modest amount of laundry done every week or a larger load.