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Hey, don't wash and fold those clothes! Let us take care of the laundry! We Wash 24 is the answer to the question “I wonder if there is a wash and fold near me?” The answer is YES! We Wash 24 is the best Wash and Fold laundry service near you!

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How’s it done?

In 4 simple steps, you’ll have fresh, clean laundry right to your doorstep! The most incredible laundry service for wash and fold near you is saving families hours a headache and stress. Busy week? Call We Wash 24, and we’ll help lighten the load (pun absolutely intended).

1. You Schedule

2. We Pick Up

3. They Wash

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24 Hour Fast Service

Choose from a 24 hour time window and get your order for laundry services picked up and dropped-off the next day from the best laundry delivery service in your city.

Pay Online In Seconds

Manage your We Wash 24 account and billing option from your smartphone or computer. When you place your order for laundry service on our website, you will be able to edit order after you submit.

Amazing Customer Service

Our laundry pickup and delivery service is superior. Any questions or concerns are always answered on time by our team. We pride ourselves on being the best laundry pickup and delivery service in your city!

Quality Guarantee

We are one of the only laundry services offering pickup and drop-off. We work with the best laundromats and dry cleaners so that we can provide the best laundry service near you.


The We Wash 24 app makes getting your laundry done easier than it’s ever been before! You’ll connect you with the closest laundry service for wash and fold near you in your area. Once you’ve decided your preferred pickup time—we do the rest! So no more searching on google “wash and fold near me“. We Wash 24 has got you covered!

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What are benefits of a Wash and Fold service?

For busy people, wash and fold services are an excellent alternative. It removes the time and effort associated with pre-washing, sorting, and soaking garments. You can use that time to focus on more vital activities. Your freshly cleaned laundry will arrive wrinkle-free and clean. You don’t have to worry about squandering valuable time on planning. This service will handle all of these details for you, giving you more time to do what you want.

Using a wash and fold service will save you hours per week that you can use towards other things. You simply pick up your items and drop them off at a convenient place after they are finished. You’ll have extra time to care for your children as a result of this convenience. And you’ll be able to have more fun. This is where wash and fold services really shine. Whether you need a clean, crisp, and wrinkle-free attire for a particular occasion or your clothes dry-cleaned for your next trip, they’ll take care of it.

There are numerous advantages to using a wash and fold service. Most of these services are reasonably priced, making them an excellent choice for busy families. A wash and fold service might save you a lot of time each week if you require a quick and simple laundry service. They can also assist you in staying organized by doing your laundry! You can leave the washing to the professionals if you’re short on time! Instead, you can concentrate on raising your children.

What is the best way to find a good wash and fold service near you?

Using a search engine like Google to find a wash and fold service near you is the best way to go. These services can deliver and drop off your clothes at your door without you needing to pick them up. Next-day delivery, same-day pickup, and on-demand service are just a few of the options available. However, before selecting a wash and fold service, it is critical to check customer reviews and feedback. It is crucial to choose a business with a good reputation because one with many good ratings is usually the best option. Simply google “wash and fold near me” or “wash and fold service near me”. The results will show the closest wash and fold services near you.